Your words have worth. Join the readers and independent authors on our platform, where creative expression meets financial appreciation in a symbiotic dance.

We enable passionate writers to make a living from their art while keeping the books free and accessible to all.

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Every book is free to read from start to finish. No subscription, no waiting time, no coins. It's just pure reading bliss.

Everyone is welcome to come read!

By simply reading, you contribute to the success of authors and help them grow. You can also show your appreciation through donations and tips that you gain thanks to advertisements and gaming challenges.

As an author, share your completed book and let your creativity shine. With our unique system, you can earn financial rewards called “beans” through reader engagement, advertisements, and gaming challenges. You have the freedom to extract your earnings or reinvest them in your growth. Join us and unlock your potential as a self-published author!

Authors earn at least 65% of all revenue generated on their books. Our mission is to help passionate writers earn a living from their art. We will continue to develop more features to achieve this. Ad-based revenue is just the beginning!

  • We do not ask for exclusivity

  • Authors keep the rights to their books.

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